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Freshen up your bedrooms, office, studio or even your car!

4 fl oz reusable glass fine mist spray bottle.


Product Specifications:

Reusable glass fine mist spray bottle with bamboo cap.

Bottle measurements: Full: 7” h x 1 ½ “ w / 4 oz Mini: 4” h x 1 3/8” w / 1 oz

Ingredients: 100% natural, organic + wildcrafted witch hazel harvested from a crop native to the woodlands of New England, botanically derived 14% organic gluten-free + non-GMO grain alcohol (derived from corn), phthalate and paraben free fragrance oil.

How to Use: For room or linens. This product is 100% natural, some separation may occur. We suggest to "shake + spray" before each use to ensure maximum fragrance diffusion. Store away from direct sunlight and heat.


Scent Choices:



will take you to the beautiful South American grasslands with notes of dried pampas grass, soft musk and a touch of sweet white currant.



Feels like breezy endless summers with notes of bergamot, lychee, cedarwood and white musk.



is the essence of a tropical escape with coconut milk, benzoin, sandalwood, cedar, tonka bean, amyris, patchouli and orange.



will transport you straight to a spa with green tea, lemongrass, spiced bergamot, honeyed orange blossom and woodsy greens.



is clean and fresh with green floral, ozone, fig, jasmine, moss, bergamot, lemon peel, cedar, hemp, amber, dark musk and vetiver.



feels like a day at sea with rock salt crystals, salty sea mist and warm beach cotton.

Luxe Room + Linen Mists

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