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These cement jar candles are the perfect way to modernize your living space. Each simple vessel is cured and sealed for everyday use. Each can be cleaned and reused as decor, planters, and containers or re-poured once the wax has burned completely. Handmade in Maine.

*Please note the cement candles no longer have a 'yam' sticker on the outside*


Material: Concrete


Dimensions: 3"x3" (7.25 oz) or 4"x3" (13oz)


Sealant: no VOC nontoxic water based


Wick: Wooden Whisper: Eco-friendly, clean burning wooden wicks made from FSC certified wood, hand-crafted and made in the USA.


Wax: creamy, natural coconut blend wax

Scent Profile: 100% Phthalate-free, paraben-free. 


Scent Options:


Fav Boy:


Top Notes: Plum + Clove Leaf + Ozone

Middle Notes: Cardamom Seed + Floral Bouquet

Base Notes: Vanilla + Amber



Trouble Maker:


Top Notes: Clove Leaf + Black Pepper + Nutmeg

Middle Notes: Lavender

Base Notes: Cedar wood + Tonka Bean + Patchouli + Vanilla Amber + Sandalwood




Top Notes: Amber + Sage

Middle Notes: Oakmoss + Orange Zest + Tonka Bean

Base Notes: Lavender + Grapefruit + Rose Musk




Top Notes: Orange Citrus + Ginger 

Middle Notes: Lavender + Jasmine + Rose

Base Notes: Woody + Sandalwood


Heat Wave:


Top Notes: Melon + Dewy Greens + Apple + Lemon + Lime + Sea Salt

Middle Notes: Lavender + Rose + Cucumber + Waterlily + Violet Leaf + Eucalyptus

Base Notes: Woody + Sheer Musk




Top Notes: Green + Citrus

Middle Notes: Coconut + Floral

Base Notes: Musk + Woody




Top Notes: Coconut + Amber

Middle Notes: Jasmine + Cocoa Butter

Base Notes: Cedar wood + Musk

Essential Oil: Cedar wood


Slow Burn:


Top Notes: Bay Leaf + Fir 

Middle Notes: Cedar wood + Bergamot

Base Notes: Tobacco Leaf

Essential Oils: Lime + Cedar wood


Wild One: 


Top Notes: Lemon + Dewy Cyclamen

Middle Notes: Dalmatian Sage + Rosemary

Base Notes: Eucalyptus Leaf + Green Mush


Half Moon: 


Top Notes: Coconut Cream + Pistachio

Middle Notes: Tonka Bean + Heliotrope

Base Notes: Sandalwood + Salted Caramel




Top Notes: Roasted Pine + Ozone + Bergamont + Lemon

Middle Notes: Sandalwood + Violet Leaves + Geranium

Base Notes: Raspberry + Vanilla + Labdanum+ Amber


Tree House: 


Top Notes: Balsam Fir + Greens

Middle Notes: Pine + Ozone + Clove + Iris

Base Notes: Cedar + Woodys Musk + Milky Coconut + Green Violet


Live Free: 


Top Notes: Lilac + Birch

Middle Notes: Greenery + Fresh Air

Base Notes: Chestnut + Gentle Rain


Wool Sweater: 


Top Notes: Bergamot +Warm Spice + Lilac

Middle Notes: Mahogany + Jasmine

Base Notes: Soft Musk + Woods + Sweet Vanilla


Camp Fire:


Top Notes: Cedar + Amber

Middle Notes: Pine + Brown Sugar

Base Notes: Vanilla + Resin + Sandalwood




Top Notes: Bergamot + Earl Grey Tea

Middle Notes: Cucumber

Base Notes: Amber




Top Notes: Apple blossom + peach nectar

Middle Notes: Jasmine + Hydrangea

Bottom Notes: Coconut milk + Lily of the valley


Dog Days:


Top Notes: Moonflower Nectar

Middle Notes: Sage + Ylang Ylang

Base Notes: Rosemary + Neroli


Rain Dance:


Top Notes: Sea Air + Blue Lotus Flower

Middle Notes: Sea Kelp

Bottom Notes: Driftwood


Nordic King:


Top Notes: Balsam Fir + Pine

Middle Notes: Peppermint + Sweet Vanilla

Base Notes: Cedar + Mint




Top Notes: Blue Sage + Birch

Middle Notes: Eucalyptus + Chestnut

Base Notes: Leather + Citrus


Northern Timber:


Top Notes: Palo Santo + Cashmere

Middle Notes: Amber + Earth

Base Notes: Birch


Alpine Chill:


Top Notes: Balsam Fir + Greens

Middle Notes: Rosewood + Woodsy Musk

Base Notes: Dark Tonka


Approximate burn hours:

7.25oz Candle : 40+ hours

13oz Candle: 60+ hours


Vessel Care Instructions:

The vessel is handcrafted using concrete.

Due to the nature of the material, air bubbles, pores and surface imperfections are considered as unique features of this handmade item.

Inside of candle is sealed with natural sealant. Although the material is non-toxic, it is not recommended for use with food.

Handle with care to avoid chips or damage.

Color may vary due to monitor settings.

Cement Jar Candles

PriceFrom $25.00
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