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These tiny tin candles are the perfect way to modernize your living space. Can be cleaned and reused as decor, planters, and containers or re-poured once the wax has burned completely. Hand poured in Maine.


Material: Tin


Dimensions: 2.5"x 1" (1.75 oz)


Wick: Wooded Whisper: Eco-friendly, clean burning wooden wicks made from FSC certified wood, hand-crafted and made in the USA.


Wax: creamy, natural coconut blend wax

Scent Profile: 100% Phthalate-free, paraben-free. 


Scent Options:


Fav Boy:


Top Notes: Plum + Clove Leaf + Ozone

Middle Notes: Cardamom Seed + Floral Bouquet

Base Notes: Vanilla + Amber



Trouble Maker:


Top Notes: Clove Leaf + Black Pepper + Nutmeg

Middle Notes: Lavender

Base Notes: Cedar wood + Tonka Bean + Patchouli + Vanilla Amber + Sandalwood




Top Notes: Amber + Sage

Middle Notes: Oakmoss + Orange Zest + Tonka Bean

Base Notes: Lavender + Grapefruit + Rose Musk




Top Notes: Orange Citrus + Ginger 

Middle Notes: Lavender + Jasmine + Rose

Base Notes: Woody + Sandalwood


Heat Wave:


Top Notes: Melon + Dewy Greens + Apple + Lemon + Lime + Sea Salt

Middle Notes: Lavender + Rose + Cucumber + Waterlily + Violet Leaf + Eucalyptus

Base Notes: Woody + Sheer Musk




Top Notes: Green + Citrus

Middle Notes: Coconut + Floral

Base Notes: Musk + Woody




Top Notes: Coconut + Amber

Middle Notes: Jasmine + Cocoa Butter

Base Notes: Cedar wood + Musk

Essential Oil: Cedar wood


Slow Burn:


Top Notes: Bay Leaf + Fir 

Middle Notes: Cedar wood + Bergamot

Base Notes: Tobacco Leaf

Essential Oils: Lime + Cedar wood


Wild One: 


Top Notes: Lemon + Dewy Cyclamen

Middle Notes: Dalmatian Sage + Rosemary

Base Notes: Eucalyptus Leaf + Green Mush


Half Moon: 


Top Notes: Coconut Cream + Pistachio

Middle Notes: Tonka Bean + Heliotrope

Base Notes: Sandalwood + Salted Caramel




Top Notes: Roasted Pine + Ozone + Bergamont + Lemon

Middle Notes: Sandalwood + Violet Leaves + Geranium

Base Notes: Raspberry + Vanilla + Labdanum+ Amber


Tree House: 


Top Notes: Balsam Fir + Greens

Middle Notes: Pine + Ozone + Clove + Iris

Base Notes: Cedar + Woodys Musk + Milky Coconut + Green Violet


Live Free: 


Top Notes: Lilac + Birch

Middle Notes: Greenery + Fresh Air

Base Notes: Chestnut + Gentle Rain


Wool Sweater: 


Top Notes: Bergamot +Warm Spice + Lilac

Middle Notes: Mahogany + Jasmine

Base Notes: Soft Musk + Woods + Sweet Vanilla


Camp Fire:


Top Notes: Cedar + Amber

Middle Notes: Pine + Brown Sugar

Base Notes: Vanilla + Resin + Sandalwood




Top Notes: Bergamot + Earl Grey Tea

Middle Notes: Cucumber

Base Notes: Amber




Top Notes: Apple blossom + peach nectar

Middle Notes: Jasmine + Hydrangea

Bottom Notes: Coconut milk + Lily of the valley


Dog Days:


Top Notes: Moonflower Nectar

Middle Notes: Sage + Ylang Ylang

Base Notes: Rosemary + Neroli


Rain Dance:


Top Notes: Sea Air + Blue Lotus Flower

Middle Notes: Sea Kelp

Bottom Notes: Driftwood


Nordic King:


Top Notes: Balsam Fir + Pine

Middle Notes: Peppermint + Sweet Vanilla

Base Notes: Cedar + Mint




Top Notes: Blue Sage + Birch

Middle Notes: Eucalyptus + Chestnut

Base Notes: Leather + Citrus


Northern Timber:


Top Notes: Palo Santo + Cashmere

Middle Notes: Amber + Earth

Base Notes: Birch


Alpine Chill:


Top Notes: Balsam Fir + Greens

Middle Notes: Rosewood + Woodsy Musk

Base Notes: Dark Tonka



Approximate burn hours:

1.75 oz Candle : 12+ hours


Color may vary due to monitor settings.

Travel Tin Collection

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